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Portable Truck Wheel Washing System

The Geowell G03EX Portable Truck Wheel Wash was specifically designed to be easily relocated making it ideal for washing vehicle underbodies, wheels and tyres on short term projects.

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Diverseco’s mobile truck wheel washer is very cost effective when used on sites with traffic volumes of up 200-250 vehicles per day and for short or unknown project life spans on construction sites.

The low 400mm height profile of the portable wheel washing deck and water collection tank makes the G03 wheel wash system ideal for mounting into a shallow pit for sites with excavation issues that prevent a full depth wheel wash unit being installed. The detachable water tank can be used for recycling water to minimise water usage and water wastage.

Diverseco’s G03EX portable wheel wash system can also be operated as an above-ground wheel washing system when fitted with optional vehicle access ramps. Available in two models, the G03 portable wheel wash can be supplied with either an enamel painted finish or fully hot dip galvanised when required for use in aggressive industrial environments.

The fully automatic truck wheel washing system is initiated by vehicles triggering a photo sensor with the vehicle washing time controlled by an adjustable timer in the stainless steel control box, which also incorporates an emergency stop button for safety. Diverseco’s portable truck wheel wash is backed by eight branches across mainland states providing superior product support and after-sales service.