Vehicle Weighing Terminals & Controllers

Diverseco supplies feature-rich NMI Trade Approved vehicle weighing terminals and controllers that transform truck scales into a sophisticated weighbridge stations.

Vehicle Weighing Terminals & Controllers2019-11-29T12:54:49+10:30

Diverseco’s vehicle weighing systems have been specifically developed to provide you with cost-effective ground level weighing infrastructure to detect overloading of vehicles.

As such, our vehicle weighing systems are an effective way to maximise payloads and prevent fines for both axle and total load infringements under demanding Chain of Responsibility (COR) requirements.

The terminals we supply are highly sophisticated, fully programmable devices that can easily interface with your IT system through various protocols. This ease and flexibility of data management and transfer allow for maximum use of the collected data.

These features and functions enables customers to take control of HGV mass management processes, by automatically:

  • Providing truck classification information
  • Recording axle group weights
  • Comparing axle weight measurements with pre-entered legal maximum limits
  • Signalling the operator of any over load breaches; recording (in tamper-proof memory) any overload breaches
  • Providing a date stamped paper ticket displaying all axle group weights & GVM
  • Recording all weighing transactions
  • Controlling alarms, boom gates, sliding gates, warning sirens, and flashing lights to warn/prevent overloaded vehicles from leaving the site, and more.
IT8000E Truck Weighing Terminal