Readily available for simple single product batching of up to 20 plus ingredients, our controllers feature internal logic for adjustable pauses, timers, discharge sequences and external outputs.

Custom-programmed batching systems are also available for complex batching needs, making them an extremely cost-effective alternative to overly complex PC-based batching systems.

The controller connects to load cells or scales of all types and weight ranges, and is suitable for: automatic multi-ingredient batchweighing in hoppers, mixers or tanks; recipe batchweighing on floor and pit-mounted scales, including control of manually added ingredients; and subtractive batchweighing (weighout) from hopper scales.

The system controls fast and dribble feed of valves, screw feeders or similar for up to 31 materials.

Batching sequences are recipe controlled, with recipes containing functions for automatic or manual weighing, weight tolerance check, operator inputs and synchronisation steps.

Production and processing procedures can also be included into an automatic cycle, simply, safely and fast.

IT8000E Terminal