SysTec weighing terminals and process controllers are manufactured in Germany and possess powerful modular hardware and the concept of free programmability. They are designed and purpose built for use in demanding industrial weighing applications, such as:

  • Batchweighing Control
  • Filling Control
  • Checkweighing
  • Vehicle & Axle Weighing
  • Bulk Weighing Controllers for Shipping & Receiving
  • Stock & Warehouse Control
  • Multi-material Batching Operation

Common Features include;

  • Bright, Easy to Read Soft Key or Touch Screen Displays
  • Colour Coded Graphs for Manual Weighings
  • Analog and Digital Loadcell Interfaces
  • Connectivity through a Wide Range of Interfaces. See below.
  • Onscreen Help
  • Scanner, PC and Remote Display Connection
  • Optional Operation via Tablet, PC or Smart Phone App.

SysTec indicators and controllers integrate with existing and new control systems through a wide range of different interfaces to loadcells, scanners, host computers, PLCs, transponder systems, I/O systems, USB sticks and other peripheral devices. These interfaces include: digital, analog, serial and fieldbus interfaces, ethernet, WiFi and Diverseco software.

Batchweighing Control

Girl with Batchweighing equipment

Our range of NMI Trade Approved programmable weighing terminals, batching controllers, batching consoles and setpoint controllers can be completely cu…

Fill Control

Liquid filling

Diverseco suppliers NMI Approved filling controllers that are purpose designed for fully automated I/O control weighing and dosing applications associa…

Checkweighing Control

Checkweighing in a food processing facility

NMI Trade Approved checkweighing terminals and controllers are used for the automatic control of piece goods.

Vehicle Weighing Terminals & Controllers

Vehicle Weighing

Diverseco supplies feature-rich NMI Trade Approved vehicle weighing terminals and controllers that transform truck scales into a sophisticated weighbr…

Bulk Weighing Controllers

Silos in Bulkweighing application

Diverseco supplies sophisticated NMI Trade Approved universal bulk weighing controllers that are used for the shipping and receiving of bulk material…

Stock & Warehouse Control

Stock and Warehouse Control

Counting terminals for rapid parts counting, weighing and recording applications.