TWM Weigh Feeder

Weigh feeders eliminate over-supply of product to other downstream processes and/or simply provide traceability of product over any given time. Loss in weight feeders are designed to achieve a pre-determined discharge rate out of a weigh hopper which is mounted on load cells.

While any type of product feeding method can be used with weigh feeders and loss in weight feeders, conveyors or augers are typically used due to their higher accuracy in product dosing processes compared to other feeding methods.

In many respects, the heart of a weigh feeder or loss in weight feeder system is not the load cells or weighing mechanism, but it is the digital indicator or terminal that is equipped with purpose-specific software that measures the flow of product and controls the flow by controlling product feed mechanisms.

All the features & functions you need

  • Wide Range of Flow Rates
  • Feed Mechanism Speed Adjustments React Quickly to Fluctuations in Bulk Density of Material
  • Feeding is Smooth without Fluctuations
  • Little Residue Remains, So Cleaning is Easy
  • Single-Microprocessor System Provides Fast and Accurate Control
  • Colour Touch-Screen Controller
  • Supports MODBUS, PROFIBUS, RS-232C, RS-422, and RS-485 Communication Protocols
  • Controller Enables the Easy Monitoring and Setting of the Set Flow, Actual Flow, Aggregate Total, Deviation and Material Weight Values

If you are looking for smarter and more efficient ways of continuously controlling the feed of material, measuring a feed rate, or batching a quantity of material in to an industrial process and would like professional advice on how weigh feeders can benefit your business, talk to the experts at Diverseco.