Shipping Containers being loaded

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) accepts Diverseco’s range of our certified weighing systems, which include weighbridges for shipping containers, shipping container scales, pallet weighing scales and bulk weighing systems.

While weighbridges are one the most accurate and convenient ways to weigh shipping containers and their contents when they are onboard a heavy goods vehicle; Diverseco’s manufactures shipping container scales that are designed for attaining accurate weights of loaded shipping containers for freight purposes prior to the shipping container being loaded onto a truck.

Diverseco’s shipping container scales feature extra heavy-duty construction to withstand the heavy torsional stresses and impacts, knocks and bumps that can be expected in this demanding industrial weighing application where large forklifts are usually used for moving shipping containers on and off the shipping container weigher.

Furthermore, weighing electronics include 4 heavy-duty loadcells, each with overload protection, a 30t capacity, an overall working capacity of 40t with full trade approval. All loadcell cabling is run in protective conduit.

Diverseco’s Shipping Container Weighers can be optionally fitted with a heavy metal plate positioned across the main support beams to allow other items to be weighed as on a general purpose platform scale.

Optional fittings, such as forklift bumper stops, are also available for added protection against accidental damage caused by external forces such as reversing trucks, etc.

An important weighbridge accessory, particularly for SOLAS legislation, is weighbridge ticketing systems. These systems are ideal for creating SOLAS certificates and ensuring complete traceability.

All the features & functions you need

  • Australian-made to Australian Standards
  • Trade-Approved
  • 40t x 0.02t Capacity Standard
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanised Finish
  • Designed for Standard ISO 20ft x 8ft Shipping Containers
  • 4 x 30t Capacity Digital Loadcells
  • Adjustable Transverse & Longitudinal Restraints to Limit Movement
  • Transport Locking Bolts to Enable Easy Weigher Relocation
  • Choice of Digital Weight Indicator

If you are looking for smarter and more efficient ways of managing container weighing processes and would like professional advice on how shipping container scales can benefit your business, talk to the shipping container weighing experts at Diverseco.

Shipping Container Scales Drawing with Dimensions