Specialist Applications Load Cells

Diverseco is a load cell supplier with a massive range of loadcells which are specifically used in specialist applications, typically in-motion and off-centre loading applications.

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Single-Point Loadcells

Single-point loadcells are primarily used for top-loading, platform scales and some dynamic weighing applications. Available in capacities from 100g to 300kg, they have exceptional scale resolution, accuracy, linearity, repeatability, and stability. Single-point loadcells have excellent accuracy, even where off-centre loading is present, which is a distinct advantage that they have over shearbeam loadcells which lose accuracy with side loading.

Double-Ended Shearbeam Loadcells

Double-ended shearbeam loadcells are ideal for unpredictable and uneven loading such as in onboard vehicle weighing applications. As a vehicle cannot be guaranteed to be level or its load centrally and evenly distributed, double-ended shearbeam loadcells are excellent for this off-centre loading.

Folded Shearbeam Loadcells

When used with a suitable mounting assembly, the folded shearbeam loadcells can be used for dynamic weighing applications, especially dynamic vehicle weighing. In appearance, they resemble an S-type loadcell. However, folded shearbeam loadcells work in compression (squeezing) rather than tension (pulling).

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AccuWeigh double-ended shearbeam loadcell for specialist applications like uneven loads