Shear Beam Load Cells

Diverseco supplies a wide range of shearbeam load cells of various brands, maximum capacities and physical sizes.

Shear Beam Load Cells2019-11-29T12:05:23+10:30

Shearbeam loadcells are very popular in many industrial weighing applications and are ideal for rigid weighing platforms and containers such as weigh hoppers, platform scales, weigh bins, and several other industrial applications.

A shearbeam load cell requires load to be applied in one direction for best accuracy and can be inaccurate if load is applied from the side or in a twisting manner. Some loadcell designs overcome this by incorporating a double-ended shearbeam concept in which load can be applied in more than one direction but still produce and accurate reading.

Because shearbeam loadcells are very common in industry, they are quite economical to purchase. They can also be versatile in use depending on the mounting arrangement. For example, a ball bearing and cup loadcell fitting can allow the shearbeam to be used similar to a compression loadcell.

AccuWeigh shear beam loadcell