Flintec Load Cell

Available in either analogue or fully digital formats, our range of weighbridge load cells are designed to meet the most demanding truck weighing applications and accuracy requirements.

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Certified for trade use in Australia (NMI – S368), Flintec rocker column load cells use a rocker pin design and are available in the capacities of 7.5t up to 300t and are suitable for use in most high capacity weighing applications. Fully constructed in stainless steel and hermetically sealed to IP68, these load cells are ideal for use in wet and/or aggressive environments.

The high internal impedance of the analog weighbridge loadcell design ensures minimal signal loss over long cable runs while also allowing significantly more load cells to be connected to a single digital weight indicator than most opposition load cell brands. The low overall height profile makes this design ideal for retro-fitting into existing weighbridges as a replacement for older load cells.


  • Trade approved
  • Capacities of 30t, 40t and 50t
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Environmental protection IP68 with complete hermetic sealing
  • Self restoring design
  • Digital load cell with built-in microcontroller and A/D conversion
  • Easy communication (RS-485) and fast system setup
  • Improved handling of corner adjustment, system calibration, fault finding and load cell replacement
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