Canister Loadcells

Canister load cells are typically used in heavy industrial weighing systems such as weighbridges, platform scales and weigh silos as their rugged construction lends themselves to high-capacity weighing applications.

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Canister load cells are very practical for many industries and are therefore manufactured by most load cell manufacturers, which in turn makes them very accessible and competitively priced. Diverseco is able to source an extensive range of canister load cells from a variety of load cell manufacturers, meaning that we are very likely to be able to provide replacement canister load cells for your existing weighing systems, and just as likely to provide the best-suited canister loadcells for your new weighing systems.

The majority of canister load cells have very good environmental protection ratings and are suitable for use in outdoor or wash down areas due to their stainless steel construction and their hermitical sealing.

Maximum capacities range from 7.5t to 200t and a select range can be used for trade-approved weighing applications. Constrainer kits are also available for some canister load cells which simplify the load cell installation process.

Canister Load Cell installed in a weighbridge at Rocky Point Sugar Mill