Laboratory Scales & Balances

Diverseco supplies a comprehensive range of precision laboratory scales represent an excellent value for money.

Laboratory Scales & Balances2019-06-26T20:25:46+09:30
  • Compact balances – general accuracy lab scales
  • Precision balances – very precise, accurate lab scales
  • Analytical balances – extremely precise, high accuracy lab scales
  • Moisture balances – a special type of lab scale suited to determining moisture content

Compact Balances

A&D SJ-12KH Compact Scale

Diverseco sells and services a large range of quality compact balances that are used in weighing applications within food service, stores, post office…

Precision Balances

A&D GX-1003A Precision Bench Scale

Precision balances are used in a wide great range of laboratory, chemistry, physics, jewelry and manufacturing weighing applications.

Analytical Balances

AND GX-8000 Analytical Balance

Highly sensitive and precise analytical balances are indispensable measurement devices that come equipped with a range of features that simplify the p…

High Capacity Precision Balances

High Capacity Precision Balances

Precision balances, while having quite small scale intervals, tend to also be scales with small maximum capacities that rarely exceed 6kg. And some la…

Moisture Analysers

Moisture Analyser MS70

A moisture balance is used to determine the moisture content of samples.