Shock absorbing rubber mounts protect the loadcells and maintain weighing accuracy despite distortion or expansion/contraction of the crate or crush to which the bars are fitted.

In addition to livestock weighing, our  range of standard weigh bars are widely used for non-trade industrial applications, such as pallet weighing in warehouses.

Standard Weigh Beams

The Iconix standard weigh beam is our most popular and versatile weigh bar set.

Features include:

  • Weighing capacity to 2,000kg
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy-duty 6 metre cables
  • 600mm or 1,000mm lengths
  • 400mm length available by special order
  • Standard indicator features

The FX1 is the entry level electronic weighing system from Iconix. The FX1 is simplicity itself – just turn it on and “you’re weighing”.

There are two weighing modes:

  • FREE: for weighing static loads, such as produce.
  • HOLD: for livestock weighing – after a press of the WEIGH key, the accurately averaged weight of the animal is locked on the display until the next animal is weighed.

Heavy-Duty Weigh Beams

Iconix heavy-duty weigh beams have high weighing capacity, making them are ideal for use under large cattle crushes and similar applications.

Features include:

  • Weighing capacity up to 3,000kg
  • 1000mm in length
  • Heavy-duty 6 metre cables
  • Super tough for large animals and heavy platforms or crushes

Trade-Approved Weigh Beams

Diverseco supplies stainless steel, wet area weigh bar systems for trade approved applications involving the purchase and/or sale of products. If trade approval is required, they weigh bars must be permanently fixed to a location and certified in that location by a registered scale company, such as Diverseco. If you wish to relocate the weigh bar set in future, it must be recertified in the new location.

All the Features & Functions You Need

  • 2,000kg total capacity
  • Quality grade 304 stainless steel construction
  • Ideal for wet areas or hostile environments
  • Light, versatile and compact
  • Trade-approved in a permanent location
Weigh bars and beam scales