Platform Scales

Diverseco’s AW series platform scales are cost effective, general purpose weighing scales suitable for use in either bench or floor weighing applications.

Platform Scales2019-07-05T10:49:37+09:30

Diverseco’s range of platform scales and floor scales are designed to withstand the roughest of treatment and use a heavy duty single point load cell with in-built overload protection. These platform scales feature lightweight cast aluminium frames and stainless steel base work, which provides both durability and portability as well as being easy to clean.

Features can include:

  • IP-68 Dust and Water-Proof (Submersible)
  • Stainless Steel weighing platform for Easy Cleaning
  • 4,500 Hours Continuous Operation with 6 x D-Size Batteries (Not Included)
  • Super-Sized LCD with 39mm High Digits
  • Easily Switchable, Multiple Weighing Units (kg, lb, oz, and pcs)
  • High-Speed Stabilisation of 1 Second
  • Stainless Steel Weighing Pan (AWPS: SUS305)
  • Water-Proof and Corrosion-Resistant Loadcell (Aluminium Anodized and Coated with Epoxy Resin with Protective Silicon Over Wiring)
  • Quick USB interface (Cables Not Included) and RS-232C + Comparator Relay Output Available as Options
Platform Scale - FG-150KAL with bag