Pallet Jack Scales & Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet jack scales, also known as pallet truck scales, are ideal for minimising freight movements and can significantly streamline OH&S procedures for weighing heavy loaded pallets.

Pallet Jack Scales & Pallet Truck Scales2019-11-29T11:40:44+09:30

Time is money, and pallet jack scales can reduce labour costs by allowing loaded pallets to be weighed in place, thereby eliminating unnecessary stock movements.

A standard pallet jack scale is fitted with four 1t capacity load cells and a digital weight indicator to allow weighing duties to be performed with minimal operator effort. With a weighing capacity of 2000kg in increments of 1kg, Diverseco’s pallet jack scales are fitted with a high quality Avery E1005 digital weight indicator to ensure durability and longevity.

A rechargeable battery provides power to the pallet jack’s onboard weighing electronics to allow full mobility and extended periods of continuous weighing operation thanks to the use of intelligent power saving functionality.

Diverseco is also able to supply pallet jack scales suitable for use in hazardous area weighing applications by fitting intrinsically safe weighing components.