Pallet Scale – Salter Prodec

The Salter Prodec pallet scale is not your average pallet scale – it is specifically designed for long term use in high stress weighing applications where shock loadings, side forces and torsional stresses usually contribute to early failure of standard design load cells.

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All Prodec pallet scales use the patented Avery Weightronix heavy duty weigh bars that are extremely resilient to all types of external forces, so much so that in many cases, the weigh bars are usually fully operational even after the pallet scale frame or deck has been nearly destroyed by accidental forklift collision damage or by heavy loads being dropped onto the weighing pallet.

The Prodec is equivalent in resilience to a pallet scale using a full perimeter frame with the weighing are and load cells suspended from the frame itself. The main drawback to a perimeter frame pallet scale (apart from its greatly increased cost) is it has a very high profile that usually requires mounting into a deep pit – which again adds substantially to the installation cost.

The Prodec pallet scales doesn’t have this height problem as they are no taller that a standard pallet scale. If you have a demanding weighing application that is regularly costing you downtime and money for repairs then it would be in your best interest to invest in a Prodec.


  • 800kg x 0.2kg
  • 2000kg x 0.5kg
  • 2500kg x 1kg
  • 5000kg x 2kg
  • 10000kg x 5kg


  • Trade approved NMI No. 6/9C/235A
  • Made in mild steel chequer plate (grey finish) but also available galvanised or in stainless steel
  • Standard size 1200mm x 1200mm x 85mmh (very low profile)
  • Mild steel weigh bars with stainless steel feet
  • Junction box top plate cut out is standard (easier for field calibrations)
  • Supplied on application with industrial quality indicator 240V, on 5m cable with wall-mount bracket, indicator price not included
  • Other sizes and capacities custom built to maximum 6m square metres, e.g 3m x 2m size available
  • Options: ramp shown in picture is optional extra (POA), trade certification
  • Avery Weightronix weigh bars offer 150% overload protection (100% end load)
  • End loading and torsion loads easily overcome by canister design weigh bars
  • Weigh bars are tough and well sealed for wet environments
  • Ideal for very heavy duty industries requiring high accuracy