Floor Scale – EasyClean Pallet Scales

Eliminate the health threat of biological contaminants lurking under your scales by using Diverseco’s EasyClean floor scales that are specifically designed for use in food processing areas and wet environments.

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Typically, in-ground floor scales in food processing areas are a collection point for food scraps that are hosed into the scale pit during normal wash-down cleaning procedures. The pit drain eventually blocks and the combination of decaying food scraps and brackish water starts damaging the scales – and more importantly, the scale pit quickly transforms into a potential health hazard.

Diverseco’s EasyClean pallet scale provides the solution by allowing cleaning staff easy access to the scale pit and the drain without the assistance of a maintenance crew and lifting devices.

The EasyClean floor scale has a rigid sub-frame which connects to the weighing plate via hinges to allow it to be easily raised for access to the pit and the pit drain. The in-built gas struts assist with lifting the plate and then also hold it in position while cleaning staff complete their critically important duties.

Diverseco’s Easy-Clean floor scales are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, including galvanised and stainless steel, to suit every application requiring easy access to the underside of the scales.