Platform and Pallet Scales

For any industry operation to run efficiently, cost-effectively and safely, it has to be underpinned by a reliable and accurate system of data collection at control points.

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And for these reasons, pallet scales and platform scales have proven to be indispensable assets in most industry operations because they eliminate assumptions, guesswork or margin for error when it comes to weight calculations and verifications of inbound or outbound product and freight.

Diverseco supplies a large range of quality platform and pallet scales to suit weighing a wide range of weighing applications.

Platform scales and pallet scales, which are also known as floor scales, are used in a wide range of weighing applications including: weighing trolleys, vats and other heavy containers of product in various industries and widely used for weighing palletised freight.

Pallet scales are usually configured with a weighing capacity of 3000kg, the platform measures 1200mm x 1200mm to readily accept a standard size pallets. However, Diverseco custom builds weighing platforms to suit the application.

Diverseco’s pallet scales and floor scales are available in many designs, including drop-centre floor scales featuring a low height profile. Our pallet scales and floor scales are available painted, powder-coated, hot dip galvanised and in stainless steel. We are able to engineer a quality, Australian made-to measure weighing solution for any platform scale weighing application.

From off-the-shelf platform and pallet scales to the design and delivery of customised turn-key weighing solutions, Diverseco has a long, strong reputation for meeting customer demands for products that deliver on price, functionality, quality, reliability, safety, durability and performance.

Platform Scales

Platform Scale - FG-150KAL with bag

Our range of platform scales are cost effective, general purpose weighing scales suitable for use in either bench or floor weighing applications.

Pallet Scales - A300 with IT1000 Indicator

Pallet Scale A300

A budget priced pallet scale suited for most general purpose weighing applications.

Pallet Scale - A500

A500 Pallet Scale

The A500 pallet scale is Australian-made and is ideal for all typical industrial weighing applications, from loaded pallets to crates.

Pallet Scale - Salter Prodec

Salter Prodec Pallet Scale

The Salter Prodec is Australia's most durable pallet scale and ideal for heavy industrial applications where the pallet scale receives knocks and bumps…

Floor Scale - EasyClean Pallet Scales

Floor Scales - EasyClean Pallet Scales

Our EasyClean floor scales are the hygienic weighing solution, specifically designed for food processing areas and wet environments.

Pallet Jack Scales & Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet truck scales are also called pallet jack scales and are ideal for minimising freight movements and can significantly streamline OH&S procedures…

Stainless Steel Floor Scales

Stainless Steel Floor Scales

Stainless steel floor scales are used in food processing and pharmaceutical industries for weighing heavy vats or trolleys which are manually wheeled…