Overhead Track Scales

Diverseco designs and manufactures quality, Australian-made overhead track scales that are engineered for continuous use in warehouses, produce and meat packing plants, and manufacturing facilities that use overhead conveyor systems.

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The OHT-600 overhead track scale integrates with existing overhead track systems and are easy to install, accurate and trade-approved.

All the features & functions you need

Trade-approved (NMI 6/18/17B) shear beam type load cells with 1t capacity

  • Maximum capacity 600kg
  • Galvanised finish
  • Simple installation
  • Strong, robust design with up to 300% overload protection
  • Standard track sizes to suit customer requirements (300mm – 1200mm)
  • Waterproof track scale for wet environments
  • Centre and end load compensation feature for accurate weighing
  • Choice of indicators to suit various environments/applications
  • Choice of optional bracket lengths
  • Can be used with hooks, slides, and pulley hook assemblies

If you are looking for safer, smarter and more efficient ways of managing weighing processes on a conveyor system and would like professional advice on how overhead track scales can benefit your business, talk to the track scale experts at Diverseco.

Overhead Track Scale