When workers are performing tasks under or close to high tension cables and great loads, there is absolutely no room for error. For these reasons, workers have to have complete confidence in the strength and the accuracy of their hanging scales and devices to avoid potentially dangerous events.

Hanging scales constitute a range of both digital and analogue scales that are used to weigh suspended loads, with higher capacity hanging scales being appropriately referred to as crane scales (as often a crane is required for the task when loads exceed certain values).  For more information on these high-capacity industrial scales, please visit our crane scales page here.

Dillon ED Xtreme Crane Scale from AccuWeigh
Crane Scale drawing

Common applications of hanging scales include use in farming and agriculture with accurately weighing feed bags; laboratory application for off-counter weighing, ensuring maximum counter space availability; and commercial weighing applications for fruit and vegetation at critical consumer consideration touch points. For most uses, a stainless steel weighing dish is often used to capture and hold the item to be weighed.

Regardless of your desired application, Diverseco has a solution perfect for you.


Diverseco supplies a wide range of hanging scales that have been designed and engineered to have outstanding structural integrity and weighing accuracy. Our hanging scales are the go-to industry standard for safe and precise overhead weighing applications. Additionally, these scales have evolved rapidly over recent times into highly sophisticated, user-friendly instruments with greatly enhanced functionality, safety, accuracy, and capacity.

All the features & functions you need:

Weighing Capacities up to 100kg

Up to 700% Overload Protection

High Intensity Hook and Shackle

Built with Aircraft Quality Aluminium or Alloy Steel

Large Remote LED Displays enabling easy reading from a long distance

Overload Indicators & Alarms

Battery Operated

Wireless Remote Control & Data Acquisition

Discover how Diverseco can transform your weighing operations with our range of hanging scales by contacting us and speaking with one of our many weighing specialists today.