Crane Scales & Hanging Scales

When failure is not an option, you can rely on Diverseco’s range of high quality, robust crane scales and hanging scales.

Crane Scales & Hanging Scales2019-06-26T20:25:46+09:30

When workers are performing tasks under or close to high tension cables and great loads, there is no room for error. For these reasons, workers have to have complete confidence in the strength and the accuracy of their measurement devices.

Diverseco supplies a wide range of crane scales and hanging scales that have been designed and engineered to have outstanding structural integrity and weighing accuracy.

All the features & functions you need

  • Weighing Capacities up to 100kgf
  • Up to 700% Overload Protection
  • High Intensity Hook and Shackle
  • Built with Aircraft Quality Aluminium or Alloy Steel.
  • Wide Range of Shackle & Hook Choices
  • Large LED Displays enabling easy reading from a long distance.
  • Remote Displays
  • Overload Indicators & Alarms
  • Battery Operated
  • Wireless Remote Control & Data Acquisition

If you are looking for safer and more effective ways of managing loads attached cranes and gantries and would like professional advice on how crane scales can benefit your business, contact the crane scales and crane weighing experts at Diverseco.

Dillon ED Xtreme Crane Scale from AccuWeigh
Crane Scale drawing