Regardless of how many things you need to count, if they weigh something our range of scales with counting functionality enable our customers to count them.

Counting scales play an important part in maintaining healthy inventory levels and minimising losses in both retail and wholesale businesses and eliminate time-consuming, energy-draining and frustrating manual counting processes.

Scales with counting functionality also reduce the risk of human errors that result in overcounting or undercounting – issues that can cost organisations thousands of dollars…and lost customers.

Simple and easy operation with high-performance counting functions

Renowned for their accuracy, ongoing reliability and great functionality, Diverseco’s great range of counting scales and accessories enable the fast, efficient, and economical counting of small and large, lightweight or heavyweight items, and also the packaging of parts by quantities. Counting scales enable organisations to build an inexpensive inventory control system.

All the features & functions you need

  • User-friendly operation with displayed prompts to step untrained staff through the counting process.
  • Up to 500 ID memories available – streamline counting processes by eliminating the need to first weigh sample items
  • Up to a 1 in 1,000,000 count accuracy
  • Available with weighing capacities from 500g up to 50kg.
  • Minimum unit weights from 0.001g
  • Remote scale functionality – device can be connected to other weighing instruments, such as pallet scales for weighing applications up 3 tonnes.
  • Interface capabilities with barcode readers and barcode label printers
  • Flexible data collection software tool for virtually instant connection to a PC and WinCT-UFC-software
  • Data interface – easy and instant article data capture and retrieval such as the ID number, unit weight, tare weight and comparator upper/lower limits
  • Detachable display unit – put the display unit on a table or wall for diverse counting applications.
  • Audible weighing assist (AWA) – alerts you when reaching target quantity

And for these reasons, counting scales are an essential asset for stocktake applications.

If you are looking for smarter and more efficient ways of managing inventory and stock control processes and would like professional advice on how counting scales can benefit your business, talk to the counting scale experts at Diverseco.

AND HC 6Ki Counting Scale weighing electronic components
AND FC-5000i Counting Scale Display