Weigh Hoppers & Hopper Scales

Diverseco can supply a wide range of load cells and digital weight indicators for weigh hopper applications.

Weigh Hoppers & Hopper Scales2019-11-29T11:58:15+10:30

Many products are first stored in bins, hoppers, tanks or silos before being transferred to a mixer or to a vehicle for transportation. Converting these storage containers into weighing systems enables organisations to attain accurate inventory control and precise process control of dosing, feeding and batching processes.

Diverseco supplies and installs a wide range of digital load cells and digital weight indicators for fitting to hoppers that enable their contents to be weighed, and also supply pre-assembled kits of weighing components that have been designed for fitting to hoppers of all shapes and sizes to convert them into weigh hoppers with minimal modification.

Weigh hoppers can be remarkably different from one another, and apart from the obvious need to weigh the contents of a large metal structure, both environmental and WHS factors play an important role in deciding which type of weighing system best suits each customer’s specific application.

The choice of weighing components and loadcell mounting hardware used in externally mounted hopper weighing systems is largely influenced by the accuracy requirements but also need to account for other external factors such as: wind loadings; the tendency of the local environment to cause corrosion of mating components or interfere with the correct mechanical operation of the weighing system; and layout and positioning of attached pipes and connections that need to account for expected thermal expansion. Some types of vessel restraining mechanisms perform better than others and the level of impacted drag or friction can also vary when close to the design limits.

Diverseco’s extensive industry experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of weigh hopper systems enables us to provide customised turnkey weighing solutions for a great range of hopper weighing applications.

Features Include:

  • Trade-Approved or Non-Trade Design
  • Capacities from 50kg to 1,000t
  • Fully Electronic Loadcell Installation
  • Locally Mounted Digital Indicator
  • Weatherproof Installation
  • 240VAC or 12VDC Operation
  • System Can be Installed by the Client, if Required

If you are looking for smarter and more efficient ways of managing inventory and controlling dosing, feeding or batching processes using weigh hoppers and would like professional advice on how these can benefit your business, talk to the experts at Diverseco.