Diverseco is a leading supplier of industrial and commercial weighing equipment and services associated with the delivery of solutions for all weighing applications.

Our high-performance industrial weighing equipment can be found hard at work across industry delivering consistent, precise measurement data for the most challenging static and dynamic weighing applications and in the most hostile environmental conditions.

As a manufacturer and agent for a number of the world’s leading manufacturers (rather than a single brand), Diverseco provides solutions from a great range of weight measurement systems. From off-the-shelf weighing equipment, such as scales and balances, to the delivery of customised turn-key heavy industrial weighing systems, such as weighbridges and silo scales, we can meet your demands for products that deliver on price, functionality, quality, reliability, safety, durability and performance.

Diverseco is the Australian agent for A&D Weighing, Avery, SysTec, Flintec, CAS, Ishida, Salter, Iconix and Dillon.

The accurate measurement of mass at control points through the use of scales and weighing systems is an important function in every industry from mining and agriculture to R&D in laboratories to manufacturing and to the distribution of freight across logistics networks.

In the past, data from weighing points were often only used in isolation, thereby limiting its effectiveness. However, weighing technology has evolved considerably, and this is clearly evident in the way data is now collected, distributed and used by our customers to achieve their commercial goals and remain competitive.

At Diverseco, we understand that weighing devices must provide so much more than just isolated weight data; rather this data, when integrated in real-time into processes, can be used to improve the efficiency, productivity, quality and safety of our customers’ operations and deliver important commercial benefits, such as:

For these reasons, we supply a great range of digital weight indicators, weighing terminals and software for use in static and dynamic weighing applications. Functionality ranges from basic indicators for managing simple weighing routines to fully programmable weighing terminals and process controllers that are equipped with powerful modular hardware and custom weighing functionality, data handling capabilities and high-level process controls that can be tailored to customer requirements.