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Portable Weighbridges

Designed for operations on the move.

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Ideal for temporary sites, like small quarries and construction sites, Diverseco’s portable weighbridges are modular, lightweight, and easily transportable. Our portable weighing solution has been precision engineered to ensure easy, fast and stress-free installation and transportation, without comprising on reliability or accuracy.

Diverseco portable weighbridges feature a relocatable deck constructed of steel. This deck sits on a movable frame that forms a solid base, which is then positioned on a concrete foundation (either in an above ground installation or a pit). Despite its lightweight design, Diverseco’s portable weighbridges can support the forces generated by truck traffic.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the all-steel deck can expand and contract with the weather, affecting the lifespan of the load cells. In addition, the lighter weight of the deck means the rocking motion of the weighbridge (when vehicles enter and exit) is more uninhibited, also affecting the lifespan of the load cells.

For these reasons, portable weighbridges are recommended for temporary or short-term sites only (up to five years).

Features include:

  • Modular Design for Various Deck Lengths
  • All-Steel Deck Construction
  • Full-Capacity Weighbridge Load Cells
  • Designed for Mid-Term Performance
  • Available in Standard 3m Width
  • Suitable for Existing Sites
  • Available in Kit Form, If Required
  • Fully Hot-Dipped Galvanised
AccuQWM Test-Rig on Long Steel Deck
AccuWeigh Portable Weighbridge Drawing