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Above Ground Weighbridges

Made to Order. Built to Last

Relatively cost-effective and easier to install, above ground (or surface-mounted) weighbridges are the most commonly installed type of weighbridge that we design, manufacture and install.

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Well-suited to temporary sites or where portability is a pre-requisite, above ground weighbridges require minimal foundation work and the least amount of site preparation prior to construction. They are perfect for weighing rigid trucks and semi-trailers with deck lengths from 9 meter to 20 meter.

However, it’s important to consider the space available on-site. Above ground weighbridges occupy the most surface area of any type of weighbridge. Entry and exit ramps of at least 5 meter in length and 1 meter “clear-spaces” along both sides of the weighbridge deck must be incorporated into your design.

Diverseco designs and manufactures above ground weighbridges in single deck, twin deck or multi-deck configurations to meet customer specific requirements.

Unlike, imported products Diverseco’s superior quality, Australian made above ground weighbridges are custom built to meet customer requirements and are engineered to suit the Australian duty cycle and demands of Australian heavy goods vehicle fleet. This means that they are not easily subject to issues such metal fatigue and weld fractures on the beams, which significantly reduces the device’s working life.

Diverseco Above Ground Weighbridge

Example of an Above Ground Weighbridge

Quality Australian manufacturing. Built to Australian Standards.

Durable – concrete or steel deck fabrication options.

Robust, reliable digital load cells that are hermetically sealed (IP68) with over-voltage protection

Backed by industry-leading warranties.

Above Ground Weighbridge Diagram

Complete Weighbridge Solutions

If you require fully functional vehicle weighing system, Diverseco’s ‘can do’ team of vehicle weighing experts an help. Our comprehensive range of weighbridge accessories and software can be engineered to form a complete made-to-measure weighbridge solution for any site that will enable your organisation to realise a host of other benefits, such as:

  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Boosting operating efficiencies
  • Ensuring optimum allocation of resources,
  • Sharing information with supply chain partners

Our weighbridge solutions don’t stop there. Whether you need testing or calibration to ensure accuracy, servicing to keep your scales in top-notch working order, or you want to upgrade your load cells, our expert technical teams provide a complete suite of weighbridge support services.

If you are looking for smarter and more efficient ways of managing heavy goods vehicle weighing processes and would like professional advice on how pit weighbridges can benefit your business, talk with the weighbridge experts at Diverseco.