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Weighbridge Remote Displays

Diverseco offers a wide range of remote displays to ensure we can supply the ideal unit to suit every weighbridge application.

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Bigger. Brighter. Better.

Diverseco’s range large digit remote displays are designed to read at long distances (up to 75m), reducing the reliance on manual information and vehicle handling from supervising staff. They remove the need for drivers to exit the vehicle or staff contact which enables faster weighbridge processing and increased output, especially during critical busy periods.

Our durable, accurate remote displays are manufactured to the strictest quality standards, and are able to display brightly and clearly even during the harshest weather conditions.

Displays connect with any weighbridge software to keep drivers abreast of weighbridge results, updating them on new information and alerting them to actions such as weighbridge-specific instructions or informing their next destination.

Remote display options include:

  • LED digits or flip-flop digits
  • Full alpha-numeric messaging for driver and operator communication
  • Integrated traffic light system to improve traffic flow and security

Features include:

  • Big, Ultra-Efficient LED Display
  • 4.5” (114mm) Digits, Visible Up to 75m
  • Auto-Learn Technology Interprets the Data Format and Output String of Any Scale Indicator, Reducing Set-Up Time
  • 5 Standard Communication Protocols
  • Selectable Day and Night Brightness Levels, or Automatic Selection Using Photo-Sensor
  • Power Save Mode During Periods of Inactivity
  • Weather-Proof Enclosure
  • Non-Glare Lens (Optimised for LED Clarity)
  • Mirrored Display Mode
  • Leading Zero Suppression
  • Optically Isolated Port for Lightning Protection
  • Easy to Use Wireless Option
  • Limited Alpha-Numeric Capabilities
  • Standard Time & Date
  • Keypad Selectable Configuration, Options and Diagnostics
  • Temperature Display Option
  • Pre-Installed Utility Programs for Axle Weighing, Traffic Light Control, and More…
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure Option Available
  • Built-In Relay Remotely Controls External Traffic Lights
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Multi-Drop Capabilities: Run Up to 8 Scoreboards from a Single Serial Connection
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