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Electronic Identification Systems

Electronic identification systems include transponders and transceivers. Transponders are uniquely encoded to identify personnel or vehicles.

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Automate your weighbridge and truck scale check-in process and protect yourself from fraud with Diverseco’s supplies a range of electronic identification systems for weighbridges. Featuring the latest digital technology, these reliable ID systems are ideal for unmanned sites with weighbridges or companies demanding pinpoint accuracy from their weigh-in data.

Drivers simply swipe a small and incredibly light device from their pocket or keyring as they approach the weighbridge to immediately upload their details into your system for processing. The process is easy and fast, eliminates costly data errors instantly and radically cuts down staff time matching vehicle information manually.

Tag information is stored in a software package that identifies vehicles and staff when a device is scanned in by the electronic identification system.

Devices available include iButton tags for keyrings, vehicle tags and magnetic strip readers that can operate using credit or ID cards held on the person.


iButton tags are tiny, globally unique devices small enough to fit on key-rings. They are light-weight and convenient, making them easy for drivers to carry and swipe at weighbridge stations.

Diverseco software matches unique tags to staff names, vehicle registrations, area codes and more. It allows for superior data analysis, better vehicle tracking and improved visibility of operational processes. We offer two types of tags, depending on your site’s needs:

Low radio frequency tag: read by simply swiping past a weighbridge transceiver

Internal circuit tag: needs to be physically inserted into a transceiver for use

Both tag devices contain a complex 64-bit coding system for ultimate protection and security for individuals and vehicles.

Vehicle Transponder Tags

Vehicle transponder tags attach to the side of vehicles and swipe on approach. They remove the need for drivers to carry a device themselves, making a fully automated weighbridge system even easier and more convenient.

These tags can be fitted to all vehicles including rail wagons and locomotives. As the vehicle drives past a transceiver all information gets uploaded and processed instantly. Transponder tags have a wide frequency range of 1m – 5m, allowing a complete and accurate swipe any time a vehicle passes a weighbridge or restricted area.

Vehicle transponder tags have flexible use. They can adapt to fully automated system or tie in with your site’s existing manual processes, making them perfect for security for any areas as well as weighbridges. A double layer of fortification prevents unlawful entry with all staff and contractors requiring their valid ID number as well as vehicle tag to be processed.

Magenetic Strip Readers

Magnetic strip readers remove the need for tags altogether. Conveniently, staff do not require a ‘special’ device for entry – they can simply swipe any card from their wallet (credit card, debit card, ID card or any other card with a magnetic strip) for full site access.

These transceivers use very little power, making them incredibly affordable to operate. They are shielded from damage by their own post-mount enclosures. Best of all, Diverseco magnetic strip readers are fully covered making them highly secure, dust resistant and strong, even in the harshest outdoor weather conditions.