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Weighbridge Boom Gates

Boom gates provide site security and can integrate in to the site’s weighing process. They may operate manually or automatically, using a software package.

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Diverseco supplies a range of boom gates that offer superior protection and traffic management at vehicle weighing stations. Built with the toughest heavy-duty materials, our boom gates are manufactured to the Australian industry standards, ensuring optimum site security and public safety.

Suited for both large and small sites, Diverseco boom gates for weighbridges optimise traffic flow entering and leaving weighbridge areas. Strategic placements reduce weighbridge down-time, fix vehicle bottleneck areas and transform your weighbridge processes to bolster output and lower staff handling hours.

Operation can be manual or automatic, adding flexibility and removing the need for weighbridge staff supervision. Diverseco offers cutting-edge software and integration packages to provide control over automation of your boom gates with minimal overheads.

Vehicles entering the weighbridge can be identified automatically with intelligent photo-electric sensors and ground loops integrated in the boom gate. This information is instantly relayed back to company displays and computers for superior weighbridge control and management.

The software package can log entry and exit times and dates, vehicle and/or driver identification (typically using an iButton or similar electronic identification system), and vehicle weights when used in conjunction with a weighbridge.

Boom Gates are typically supplied with an in-built photo-electric sensor, enabling the boom gate to automatically detect the presence of a vehicle and alert the software package.

Magnetic automation and BFT boom gates are available through Diverseco. Other brands can be supplied if needed.

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