Weighbridge Remote Displays

Perfect for displaying weight readings to the driver, as well as alpha-numeric messages such as site destination details.

Diverseco’s range of large digit remote displays are designed to read at long distances (up to 75m), reducing the reliance on manual information and vehicle handling from supervising staff. They remove the need for drivers to exit the vehicle or staff contact which enables faster weighbridge processing and increased output, especially during critical busy periods.

Displays connect with any weighbridge software to keep drivers abreast of weighbridge results, updating them on new information and alerting them to actions such as weighbridge-specific instructions or informing their next destination.

Weighbridge remote display multi axle
License plate recognition diverseco

License Plate Recognition

Easily integrated within your weighbridge infrastructure, our license plate recognition (LPR) cameras will allow your weighbridge stations to have greater accountability over the data they produce, receive, and integrate to your internal access systems. Commonly used at high-traffic public areas such as refueling stations, automatic, real-time license plate recognition systems provide quick and safe access control based off of license plate information.

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Weighbridge Boom Gates

Boom gates provide site security and can integrate in to the site’s weighing process. They may operate manually or automatically, using a software package.

Vehicles entering the weighbridge can be identified automatically with intelligent photo-electric sensors and ground loops integrated in the boom gate. This information is instantly relayed back to company displays and computers for superior weighbridge control and management. The software package can log entry and exit times and dates, vehicle and/or driver identification (typically using an iButton or similar electronic identification system), and vehicle weights when used in conjunction with a weighbridge. Boom Gates are typically supplied with an in-built photo-electric sensor, enabling the boom gate to automatically detect the presence of a vehicle and alert the software package.

Magnetic automation and BFT boom gates are available through Diverseco. Other brands can be supplied if needed.

Electronic Identification Systems

Electronic identification systems include transponders and transceivers. Transponders are uniquely encoded to identify personnel or vehicles.

iButton Tags: iButton tags are tiny, globally unique devices small enough to fit on key-rings. They are light-weight and convenient, making them easy for drivers to carry and swipe at weighbridge stations.

Vehicle Transponder Tags: Vehicle transponder tags attach to the side of vehicles and swipe on approach. They remove the need for drivers to carry a device themselves, making a fully automated weighbridge system even easier and more convenient. These tags can be fitted to all vehicles including rail wagons and locomotives. As the vehicle drives past a transceiver all information gets uploaded and processed instantly.

Magenetic Strip Readers: Magnetic strip readers remove the need for tags altogether. Conveniently, staff do not require a ‘special’ device for entry – they can simply swipe any card from their wallet (credit card, debit card, ID card or any other card with a magnetic strip) for full site access. These transceivers use very little power, making them incredibly affordable to operate. They are shielded from damage by their own post-mount enclosures.

Photoelectric Cells

Stay one step ahead of vehicle arrivals using photoelectric cells that detect vehicles on arrival at your weighbridge. Photoelectric cells are particularly useful for streamlining the operations of sites with unmanned, automatic weighbridges, and ensuring data accuracy at multiple-deck weighbridges by confirming correct axle positioning.

Modern trip-wire technology identifies new vehicles that move past cells, triggering alerts to offices or supervisors. This contributes greatly to weighbridge automation, by increasing operational efficiency and decreasing need for permanent weighbridge staff. They’re also powerful devices for slowing down unidentified vehicles, enforcing entry rules and minimising equipment damage.

Multiple-deck weighbridges that employ photoelectric cells enjoy superior data entry and analysis: when the cells are installed each end of a multiple-deck weighbridge, processing is blocked until each vehicle sits completely on top of the weighbridge. It prevents the recording of incomplete data and improves overall processing for better overall results.

weighbridge summing indicator

Weighbridge Summing Indicators

Boost reading accuracy from multiple-deck weighbridges with our industry-standard summing indicators. Our summing indicators automatically combine two or more readings in one convenient display. This enables individual axle weights to be merged and total vehicle masses calculated for a single reading, or combine any other readings your site may need into one convenient view. These summing indicators reduce the incidence of manual data error, decrease staff operating time and allow for a faster and more refined weighbridge process.

Diverseco summing indicators are compatible with all digital indicators with an RS-232 output string.

Weighbridge WHS Accessories

Meet workplace health and safety obligations and reduce injuries with Diverseco’s complete range of high quality, industry leading safety products.

Protection of staff in the workplace should be top priority for any successful operation. For these reasons the range of WHS products that we manufacture is engineered to perfection.

All Diverseco WHS products are built to Australian Standard AS-1657 and can be custom built to your exact needs and site specifications.

Our health and safety products include:

  • Driver access platforms
  • Stairs and safety railings
  • Full surround walkways
  • Pedestrian barriers
  • Pit access solutions
  • Speed bumps

All metal work is hot-dip galvanised for extra durability and long-lasting wear and tear, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in extreme weather.

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