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Meticulously designed by our in-house engineers, our durable rail weighbridges are purpose built to suit all Australian Standard rail gauges, and precisely weigh both rail locomotives and wagons. Whether you need to weigh an entire locomotive, a single bogie, or even individual wheels, we can tailor a solution that suits your needs. All of our rail weighbridges are hot-dipped galvanized as standard and feature railway authority approved rails and clips.

Our superior quality, Australian-made rail weighbridges are custom built to meet any customer requirements. With highly precise weighing capabilities, our robust locomotive weighing systems are the industry standard. We also provide an engineering report to confirm weighbridge design capability.

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Made in Australia. Since 1857. 

Through our heritage brand, Ultrahawke, we have a long and proud history of manufacturing weighbridges of all kinds for over 160 years. We design and manufacture every weigh-in-motion weighbridge we sell, custom fit and bespoke to our customer requirements. With dozens of bespoke, weigh-in-motion weighbridges manufactured, we are proudly Australia’s premier weighbridge manufacturer and supplier. Our weighbridges are engineered to suit the Australian duty cycle and demands of Australian heavy goods vehicle fleet. This means that they are not easily subject to issues such as metal fatigue and weld fractures on the beams, which significantly reduce the device’s working life.

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Our Complete Weighbridge Solutions

If you require fully functional vehicle weighing system, Diverseco’s ‘can do’ team of vehicle weighing experts an help. Our comprehensive range of weighbridge accessories and software can be engineered to form a complete made-to-measure weighbridge solution for any site that will enable your organisation to realise a host of other benefits, such as:

  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Boosting operating efficiencies
  • Ensuring optimum allocation of resources,
  • Sharing information with supply chain partners

Our weighbridge solutions don’t stop there. Whether you need testing or calibration to ensure accuracy, servicing to keep your scales in top-notch working order, or you want to upgrade your load cells, our expert technical teams provide a complete suite of weighbridge support services.

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