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Wheel Weigh Pads

Diverseco is the Australian agent for the Intercomp range of wheel weigh pads, which are also known as axle weigh scales or wheel pad scales.

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Portability meets precision with 

Intercomp wheel weigh pads

These portable vehicle scales are designed to weigh individual wheels and axles, and so can help ensure compliance with axle group legal load limits.

They are light-weight, low-profile, compact and self-contained scales constructed of aluminium. This enables them to be easily transported in the boot of a vehicle and carried by the average person. Wheel weigh pads are primarily used to meet CoR compliance requirements, maximise legal payloads and reduce overload stress on equipment.

Portable vehicle scales are well suited to:

  • Use in operations where freight is collected from various sites; as opposed to weighing at a single point of origin.
  • Weighing a wide range of vehicles including: caravans, tractors, cranes, earth moving equipment and trucks.
  • Use in remote locations, as they are solar powered.

Digital electronics provide fast, accurate, easy to read data in the weigh indicator. They also feature fully integrated RFX wireless weighing technology that allows for six or more wheel weigh pads to connected wirelessly. This enables both individual wheel weights and combined axle groups to be captured in the same weighing.

Features include:

  • Fully Integrated RFX Wireless Weighing Technology
  • 10,000kg x 10kg standard, with other capacities and division sizes available upon request
  • Accuracy of +/-1% of reading
  • Large, easy to read, LCD
  • Solar Boost Provides up to One Year of Battery life with Daytime Outdoor Use
  • Standard AA rechargeable batteries last up to 300 hours

The PT300’s will display individual weights using the local display, as well as being able to communicate with other PT300’s via RFX, giving total axle group weights. Maximum communication capability is 6 pads, without any of the additional communication options.

Data Options

Hand held Weighing Indicator (HHW)

HHW is able to connect to 6 scales at one time, easily displaying individual weights and total weight on one screen. USB/RS232 output ensures weigh records can be stored and downloaded in a variety of ways.

  • Fully Integrated RFX Wireless Weighing Technology
  • Control scale functions directly from the indicator including ON/OFF
  • Communicates with up to 6 scales with 90m line of sight
  • Easy to use indicator allows users to show the weights in cumulative total, individual weights per scale, and/or centre of balance
  • Store and Recall up to 10 records and offers continuous/on demand print outputs.
  • 12mm backlit display characters.
  • Standard AA Batteries last up to 40hours.
  • Supplied complete with rechargeable batteries, charger and carry case.
  • Optional Wireless Printer
Wheel Weigh Pad


The PT20CPU, can connect up to 12 scales, has an in-built printer, also the ability to connect to scales via RFX and cable. Fitted with USB RS232, the PT20 can communicate with a variety of devices including PC’s and displays.

  • Fully Integrated RFX Wireless Weighing Technology
  • Control scale functions directly from the indicator including ON/OFF
  • Communicates with up to 12 scales with 90m line of sight
  • Displays scale layout or scale list with weight units, total weight & centre of gravity or Gross, Net, Tare (GNT) and the software allows four optional user info fields & seven optional vehicle info fields that display when printed and also computes automatic altitude and latitude corrections.
  • USB/RS232 output
  • Communicates with up to Twelve Scales with a 300’ (90m) Line of Sight
  • Supplied complete with rechargeable batteries, charger, printer and durable hardened case.
Wheel weigh pads in action