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Weighbridge Service, Repairs & Upgrades

Weighbridges are heavy industrial weighing devices that are subject to great stress and are often exposed to demanding environmental conditions.

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Diverseco Weighbridges

For these reasons, the accuracy of a weighbridge, like any other weighing device, is likely to change over time and/or components may fail and result in a weighbridge breakdown.

These factors can cause the weighbridge to provide incorrect measurements, which cause issues such as overfilling, underfilling, materials waste, and/or accidental overloading and and infringement of CoR compliance requirements. A weighbridge breakdown is likely to lead to production downtime and costly repairs.

For all these reasons, it’s important that a weighbridge is tested and serviced on a regular basis by suitably qualified technicians to reduce exposure to these risks. The current industry standard is two to four visits each year depending on the usage of the weighbridge.

Diverseco’s weighbridge service teams are able to service a broad range of other weighbridge brands in addition to the models we manufacture.

A standard Diverseco Weighbridge Preventative Maintenance Program includes:

Full Inspection

Full Service*

Testing Re-Calibration**

Supply of Service Report

Supply of a Calibration Report and Calibration Labels

*Includes cleaning and greasing of mechanical and electrical component Minor Adjustments.

**Includes adjustment of the weighbridge using 20t Certified Test Masses and a deadload.

To discover more about the necessity of regularly servicing your weighbridge, read our blog post: “Why You Should Service Your Weighbridge Regularly“; or to discover how often you should indeed service your weighbridge, read our other blog post: “How Often Should You Service Your Weighbridge“.

Additionally, to speak with one of our weighbridge service specialists directly feel free to contact us directly. We’d love to hear from you.

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