“Since 1992, our business has been built on stand-out service.” – Brenton Cunningham, CEO.


Readings that you can rely on.

When your operations, decisions and profits rely on accurate, precise, reliable and traceable measurements, you can depend on your local, mobile technical team at Diverseco for expert scale calibration.

While we all know that measurements are useless in the absence of a correctly calibrated weighing instrument, it’s all too easy to forget that sooner or later the accuracy of weighing instruments will change over time, due to factors such as: drift, general ‘wear and tear’, being overloaded, mishandled, dropped, or neglected.

These factors can cause equipment to generate incorrect measurements, which result in issues such as: undercharging, overcharging and unintentional breaches of compliance requirements.

Platform Scale Calibration

Whether you have a trade or non-trade instrument, Diverseco’s NMI Accredited Technicians and qualified tradespersons, are able to service, test, calibrate and certify scales of all types and capacities – ranging from laboratory balances to 300 tonne capacity weighbridges and other heavy industrial scales.

Our range of test masses are traceable to National Secondary Standards and are accompanied by a Certificate of Validation.

Our team will ensure that your equipment consistently produces accurate readings that you can rely on.

A team that you can rely on.

Our culture is founded upon principles and a Code of Conduct that inspires ‘can do’ attitudes, constructive ideas, productive behaviours and a desire to ‘make your day.’

Diverseco provides our staff ongoing industry-leading training to ensure that they know changes to industry regulations, emerging trends and latest technologies.

Many of our staff are recognised experts within their fields, who have served our company for decades and only provide expert levels of scale calibration.

Weighbridge technicians

Rapid response breakdown services.

Diverseco has an unrivalled capacity to rapidly respond to your emergency needs, even when these occur after-hours. This is because our service centres in every mainland state are staffed by large teams of licensed, qualified tradesmen – rather than just a couple of technicians like many of our competitors.

Furthermore, we have immediate access to a large inventory of spare parts for the equipment we sell– which reduces downtime during repairs. What we don’t stock, we can quickly access through our supply network.