While we all know that measurements are useless in the absence of a correctly calibrated weighing instrument, it’s all too easy to forget that sooner or later the accuracy of your weighing instruments will change over time, due to factors such as: drift, general ‘wear and tear’, being overloaded, mishandled, dropped or neglected.

These factors can cause equipment to provide incorrect measurements, which cause issues such as:

  • overfilling/ undercharging
  • underfilling/ overcharging
  • materials waste, and/or
  • infringement of compliance requirements.

So, don’t fall into the trap of believing that your weighing equipment doesn’t require further attention once it’s been installed or that calibration is only necessary when errors become evident. The longer the time between periodic services, the greater your exposure to the risks mentioned.

Prevent costly breakdowns. Minimise production downtime.

Diverseco’s preventative maintenance servicing and support program – delivered through our ever popular Service Agreements – will ensure that the measurements your instruments generate are accurate, repeatable and traceable, and that support is only ever a phone call away.

Preventative maintenance will also significantly reduce the likelihood of costly equipment failure, expensive repairs and unexpected production downtime!

Furthermore, Diverseco’s preventative maintenance and servicing program will ensure that you can:

  • Rely on us to record and remind you about periodic service times
  • Access discounted service rates
  • Access discounted spare parts pricing
  • Access priority breakdown services