WasteWeigh (Underbody Loadcell)

Diverseco’s WasteWeigh™ is a fully integrated onboard weighing system specifically designed for use by four, six or eight wheeled waste collection vehicles in a wide variety of operations.

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Indispensable waste management technology

The system provides continuous and precise weight information for payload control to accuracies better than 1% ¾ enabling operators to maximise payload capacity and minimise overloading, fines and risks.

WasteWeigh™ uses an underbody load cell based weighing system that is fitted between the vehicle chassis and body and which provides continuous and precise weight measurement information for payload control and operational efficiency.

Installed and calibrated by Diverseco’s experienced technicians, WasteWeigh™ is precise, reliable and robust weighing system that uses solid state electronics that can withstand the demands of the most challenging environments.

The system can be fitted to all types of waste vehicles ¾ RELs, FELs, hook loaders, tipping trucks, demountables and tankers ¾ as original equipment or retro-fitted to the vehicle.

System Highlights:

  • Simple to operate
  • Minimal driver interaction
  • High accuracy ±0.5% of full scale or better
  • Tare, gross and payload displayed
  • Individual pick-up weights provided to maximise profitability
  • Axle Watch – individual axle weights
  • TipWatch – tipper stability program and alarm
  • Suitable for vehicles with GVM ranging between seventeen to fifty tonnes
  • Compatible with all manufacturers makes and models
  • Barrier control to help redistribute the load across the rear axles
  • Programmable overload set-points and alarms.
  • Overload alarm, audible or visual printer option
  • Proven reliability
  • GPS, GPRS, GSM technology
  • Inbuilt speaker
  • Full colour touch screen display
  • Cameras


WasteWeigh employs a PM1155 onboard digital indicator with a versatile lightweight display suitable for DIN radio mount, dash mount or trailer mount.

Incorporating the latest in microprocessor technology, the PM1155 can communicate with a host of computer devices via the RS-232 port.

These features enable operators to gather and store weight data for analysis or to integrate with existing computer systems.

Furthermore, Diverseco can provide a bespoke software package for management reporting with route information for recycling credit calculations by weight.

Trucks equipped with Wasteweigh Underbody Loadcell System