Onboard Truck Scales

Browse our extensive list of onboard vehicle weighing systems below and for assistance in choosing the right vehicle weighing system for you, use Ultimate Guide To Vehicle Weighing Systems, or feel free to speak with us directly.

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Truckweigh Terminal in Truck Cabin

Ensure that the safe & legal loading of your HGVs isn’t based on guesswork.

TruckWeigh II

Road Train protected by TruckWeigh 2 Overload Protection

TruckWeigh II on-board overload warning/ payload control system is designed for multiple trailer use.


VanWeigh sensor fitted to leafspring suspension of a light commercial vehicle

Ensure that the safe and legal loading of your light commercial vehicles isn’t based on guesswork.

WasteWeigh (Underbody Loadcell)

8 Wheel garbage truck fitted with AccuOnboard WasteWeigh system

With the ever-increasing expansion of the waste refuse and recycling industries, Diverseco is at the forefront of onboard weighing systems for waste c…

BulkWeigh (Underbody Loadcell)

BulkWeigh Tipper Truck

BulkWeigh is a high accuracy onboard weighing system designed specifically for bulk tippers, rigid trucks, semi-trailers and drawbar vehicles.

BinWeigh® (NMI Trade Approved)

Bin handling arm fitted with BinWeigh system

Diverseco’s innovative BinWeigh® system is Australia’s only NMI trade approved in-motion weighing system for front, side and rear bin lifters.

LFT-1500 (Trade Approved)

Waste truck fitted with LFT-1500 Underbody Trade Approved system

The LFT1500 approved body weighing system is a high-accuracy, legal-for-trade system for invoicing at the point of collection.

Chain of Responsibility

Chain of Responsibility Solutions

It’s everyone’s business.

Far too many road transport supply chains are rife with safety and operational risks, with heavy goods vehicle overloadi…