Loader & Excavator Scales

By measuring hydraulic pressure in the lift cycle, end loader scales provide to the cab a weight reading of each bucket load and the total material loaded.

Loader & Excavator Scales2019-07-03T09:51:54+09:30

From the entry-level single channel end loader scales to trade-approved end loader weighing systems, Diverseco offers the widest choice of front end loader scales on the market. With the optional accessories available, these end loader scales can be further enhanced to solve practically every onboard weighing requirement.

Alpha 10 Scales

Digger fitted with Alpha 10 weighing system

The Alpha 10 scales are suitable for use with up to 5 different attachments including buckets and forks.

Alpha 100 & 100a Scales

Alpha 100 Terminal

The LoadMaster Alpha 100 & 100a (legal for trade version) is an all new CAN based system setting a benchmark for the industry combining cutting ed…

Alpha 100ex Scales

Loader fitted with Alpha 100ex scale system

With the ever increasing focus on productivity, the Alpha 100ex scales have been designed to operate within the fastest loading environments maximisin…