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Crane Scales

Diverseco’s XW series wireless crane scales are complete, suspended digital weighing scales designed for rough working conditions.

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The XW scales cover a wide range of applications such as cargo cranes, forest cranes, recycling cranes, material handlers, port cranes and industrial cranes. Typical applications are recycling of household waste and industrial waste, timber transport and forwarding, scrap handling, etc.

Dynamic weighing

The XW wireless crane scales are a true revolution in dynamic weighing. Thanks to the integrated motion controller and the specially-designed high-resolution load cell, the XW sets a new standard for crane scales in forestry and recycling as well as for material handlers and port cranes. The digital era has enabled wireless communication and seamless integration with other software systems, as well as enhancing workplace safety by allowing operators to see the weight indicator without needing to be in potentially dangerous positions under heavy suspended loads that are moving around above their heads. Discover how onboard crane scales have become a revolution in dynamic weighing.


All XW scales are available with the versatile and user friendly Bluescale route order software for Windows Mobile and BlueOfficeLite for Windows XP/Vista. Further options – GSM/GPRS, GPS and RFID. Also available – a wide range of useful accessories for safe and easy weighing.


Wireless operation (minimal installation costs)

Overload and torque protected, temperature compensated loadcell

Integrated motion controller (for dynamic weighing)

Low power consumption with an outstanding radio range*

*The radio is RTT&E certified.

Scale types

The XW wireless crane scales are available as nonautomatic scales for static weighing (OIML R76, 1000 divisions) and as automatic scales for dynamic weighing (OIML R51, class y(b) 500 divisions).