Chaser Bin & Grain Cart Scales

Diverseco is a distributor for chaser bin scales / grain cart scales from Avery Weigh-Tronix.

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These quality scales provide accurate harvest data management by monitoring yield data and hybrid performance, providing proof of yields for crop insurance, preventing overloading of trucks, verifying your header yield monitor and much more.

The onboard weighing systems for chaser bins and grain carts manufactured by Avery Weigh-Tronix use load cell technology integrated into the design of both the hitch and axle bars. These replacement components are simply fitted to the client’s chaser bin or grain cart to form the basis of an accurate and extremely durable weighing system that is highly suited for being towed around paddocks.

The digital weight indicators used in the chaser bin and grain cart scales can be either chassis or cab mounted and can accumulate or store harvest totals for 100 fields with user assigned alphanumeric naming to identify each field in reports and data records.

Field foreman software for chaser bin scales

Field Foreman PC is a software program for Windows that manages data on Avery Weigh-Tronix 3060 indicators powered by Field Foreman software. The software allows you to manage data from multiple grain carts with indicators from a single centralised PC, eliminating redundant data entry/management. Powerful reports can be run that calculate yield per acre for whole operation, field, or hybrid.

The flexibility and data tracking abilities of Field Foreman PC are industry leading. Field Foreman PC features 5 default reports; Transactions, Fields, Hybrids, Delivery Locations, and Trucks. Custom data filters can be saved so the producer can customise specific information that meets their operation’s needs. Each crop year can easily be archived, creating an easy to reference record for insurance claims and production history.

3060 onboard digital weight indicator for chaser bin scales

The advanced 3060 Indicator features a touchscreen interface for full control of the Field Foreman chaser bin software. This harvest management solution consists of Field Foreman software for the 3060 and the Field Foreman PC program. This unique software program has powerful data collection and export capabilities specifically tailored to chaser bin applications.

Built into the Field Foreman software is SmartLoad, an advanced auto start and auto save function. It senses the change in weight when a chaser bin starts unloading and automatically starts recording the transaction from the original starting weight. Once it senses the weight has stopped dropping it auto saves the transaction. This eliminates the need to press start and save for transactions and greatly reduces the chance for human error, resulting in more accurate harvest data. This feature is standard with Field Foreman on the 3060 indicator and requires no cables, sensors or connections, eliminating common failure points of similar solutions on the market.

Smartgate auger control for chaser bins / grain cart scales

SmartGate is an optional kit which can control an electric hydraulic auger gate or auger. Once a truck’s target gross weight is reached, SmartGate automatically closes the auger gate or stops the auger, helping to eliminate human error and potential truck overloading.

Key features:

  • Standard SmartLoad feature.
  • Optional SmartGate feature.
  • Simple entry of field, grain type, acres, hybrid, delivery truck, and delivery location data.
  • ID field can be customised to your operation’s needs. For example you can track all bins individually so you can compare how they are performing on a daily basis.
  • Record storage location inventories by tracking how much grain is delivered. If moisture % is entered for every load, the average moisture % for each location is automatically figured.
  • Custom reports: on the touch screen, printed, or exported via USB.
  • Interface to Field Foreman software on your PC to import and export all data for easy reporting.

640m onboard digital weight indicator for chaser bin scales

The Avery Weigh-Tronix 640M indicator is a reliable, user-friendly, general purpose indicator which provides accurate weighing solutions for numerous farm applications. TThis time-tested design of a rugged, polycarbonate enclosure, sealed to keep out dust and moisture, will provide years of trouble-free service. The 640M features a 2.8 centimetre display and comes complete with basic chaser bin software built in.

Key features:

  • Simple operation with easy-to-understand keys.
  • Stable weight display even when in motion.
  • Convenient data sharing between PC and indicator.