Weighing aircrafts is an important process for light aircrafts in determining their center of gravity. The low cost of these portable scales allow your operations to benefit from having on-site scales, offering complete justification for purchasing an ultra-efficient aircraft scale system versus outsourcing the work to an independent weighing service. These portable aircraft scales are 3-pad scale systems that calculate center of gravity and use standard, commercially available, alkaline batteries which last up to 300 hours in the scale pads and 40 hours in the indicator, minimizing down time due to battery charging or replacement.

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About Our Aircraft Scales

The integration of high performance load cells with modern, advanced weighing processor (G4) results in an accurate, highly reliable, robust, and easy-to-use system for weighing aircraft.

The system is ideal for applications that include: routine weigh and centre-of-gravity monitoring; weigh checks after airframe repairs and modifications; and use in design when proving weight and centre-of-gravity determinations.

The user terminal, a PC-based multi-channel indicator, manages data transmitted by up to 5 load cells. It features a colour graphic display with touch screen and provides intuitive step-by-step operation, including advanced functions such as CG calculation, aircraft type library, weighing history, latitude and altitude adjustment, and printouts of weight results.

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