Pallet scales for use in heavy industrial weighing applications

Ideal for warehousing and shipping/freight environments

Pallet scales, which are also known as floor scales, are used in a wide range of weighing applications including weighing trolleys, vats and other heavy containers of product in various industries and widely used for weighing palletised freight.

Pallet scales are usually configured with a weighing capacity of 3000kg, the platform measures 1200mm x 1200mm to readily accept a standard size pallets. However, we custom build our pallet scales to suit your specific applications. Our pallet scales and floor scales are available in many designs, including drop-centre floor scales featuring a low height profile. Our pallet scales are available painted, powder-coated, hot dip galvanised and in stainless steel. We are able to engineer a quality, Australian made-to-measure weighing solution for any platform scale w0eighing application.

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Pallet scale varieties

A300 Pallet Scale being calibrated

A300 pallet scales

Budget priced for general purpose heavy weighing applications

The A300 pallet scale has a weighing capacity of 3,000kg and features rigid all-steel construction with a painted finish and are fitted with four 1t capacity load cells with 150% overload capacity. The alloy steel load cells are fitted with self-aligning levelling legs to allow use on uneven floors and to minimise potential load cell damage caused by heavy loads being dragged across the weight plate.

While there is a choice of digital weight indicators to suit a customer’s application, the A300 usually comes equipped with an IT1000 or IT8000 indicator with a rechargeable internal battery.

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A500 Pallet Scale measuring 1000kg load

A500 pallet scales

For heavier weighing requirements

The A500 is our standard, heavy duty pallet scale, ideal for all typical industrial and commercial weighing applications including wet areas and pit installation. The base work is a hot-dipped galvanised and fully welded with multiple cross braces to minimise deflection during loading.

The A500’s all-steel heavy duty construction with multiple cross bracing eliminates deflection under load and ensures this platform scale can withstand the rigours of hard use for a far longer time than cheaper opposition models.

The A500 pallet scale is typically a top-loading device, able to weigh anything from cartons to pallets and is suitable for use in all general purpose weighing applications. This type of scale is usually floor mounted but due to its special design features, the A500 can also be used in-ground or pit mounted without requiring any special modifications.

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A300 platform scale unique

Your custom scale

Let us know of your specific requirements!

We manufacture all of our pallet scales in Australia and have proudly done so for over 25 years. If you have a unique weighing requirement that requires larger platforms, heavier weighing capacities, or specific process-weighing and data export integration capabilities, we’d love to hear from you.

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Pallet scales features and benefits

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