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AI-Powered Recycling Robots

The World’s Most Intelligent Waste Recycling and Sortation Systems

AI-Powered Recycling Robots2019-11-29T15:37:53+10:30

Waste Robotics’ fully automated recycling and sortation systems comes equipped with an advanced vision and multi-sensor scanning system that continuously monitors the waste stream.

The multi-dimensional data captured by the scanning system is processed in real-time by a proprietry, patented Articificial Intelligence (AI) system and integrated with cloud-stored ‘big data.’ These features enable the system to identify a great range of recyclables in the waste stream according to criteria such as their chemical composition and shape. This data is then processed by robot controllers that direct the robots to effeciently and precisely  pick the items using a range of different end effectors, such as robot grippers.

System features include:

  • 3D linescan camera data acquisition, calibration and normalization
  • 2D color linescan camera data acquisition, calibration and normalization
  • Hyperspectral linescan camera data acquisition, calibration and normalization
  • Vision system adaptable to conveyor width
  • Lighting system adaptable to application
  • Dynamic configuration of sensors, recognition blocks and robotic sorting components (robots & tools)
  • Hyperspectral chemistry of object recognition
  • A.I. object segmentation/singulation
  • A.I. object recognition
  • A.I. model teaching tools
  • A.I. cloud data capture and management system
  • Machine vision viewing tools
  • Object tracking
  • Grappling strategy management for various tooling
  • Clustered objects picking order sequencing
  • Multi-robot communication protocol (EthernetIP & ModBus)
  • Multi-robot sorting management
  • Pick sequencing management
  • And more…
Autonomous Waste Recycling System