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Recycling Robots

“The Australian recycling industry is implementing high-tech infrastructure to improve sorting and processing to produce high-quality materials from recovered waste.” Inside Waste

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Waste robotics cell and scanner

As the Australasian Authorised Systems Integrator for Waste Robotics, Diverseco is able to provide a range of highly advanced robotics sorting systems for use by the recycling and resource recovery sector.

Waste Robotics systems possess an array of features that enable them to perform a wide variety of functions and provide the highest levels of performance for a great range of waste sortation and recycling applications.

Waste Robotics automated waste sortation and recycling systems are revolutionising the waste recycling and resource recovery sector and making a significant contribution to sustainable development and enterprise profits by enabling organisations to overcome challenges that include: labour costs, employee reliability and availability, sorting quality and efficiency, and waste.

The easily configured system employs the most advanced multiple sensor streams, industrial robots, and world-leading machine learning and artificial intelligence (Al) systems to automate the sorting and segregation of recyclable commodities in the following waste streams:

Single Stream MRFs

Single stream recycling

Mixed Waste MRFs

C&D Waste robotic recycling

Construction & Demolition Waste Sorting Facilities

Waste robotics integrates advanced waste handling processes, computer vision, deep learning algorithms and state-of-the-art robotic technologies to enable smaller, more precise, safer and more profitable waste recycling facilities.

Eric Camirand, CEO, Waste Robotics

Each robotics system comes equipped with a highly advanced vision and multi-sensor system that continuously scans the waste stream. This multi-dimensional data is then processed by the AI system, which identifies the recyclables to be selected from the waste stream in real-time. This data is processed by robot controllers that direct the robotic arms to precisely pick the items using a range of different robot grippers.

The system is able to differentiate between items that appear to be made of the same materials, such as PET, HDPE,  and PP containers, aluminium, iron and steel, and also sort through stacked items.

In addition to significantly reducing operational costs and WHS risks by replacing human pickers in recycling centres, the vison guided robotics systems also significantly increase the pick rate and quality of recovered waste that will re-enter production processes as secondary raw materials.

Because each scanning system comes pre-configured, the robotics experts at Diverseco can integrate the system onto existing recycling lines in a short period of time.

Why Automate Your Material Recovery Facility Operations?

Reduce Labour Costs

Reduce WHS Risk

Increase Recycle Quality

Adapted and Non-intrusive Implementation

Quick Install & Commissioning

Rapid Return on Investment

AI-Powered Recycling Robots

Waste Robotics Artificial Intelligence

The World's Most Intelligent Waste Recycling and Sortation Systems

Recycling Robot Configurations

Waste Robot Cell

Waste robotics solutions for a great range of recycling applications