Sorting Robots

One example of the successful use of robotic sorting technology is the sorting solution that we delivered to Northern Herd, which demonstrates how an automated sorting system can be applied to the most complex applications.

Sorting Robots2019-11-29T15:32:40+10:30

An outstanding example of a robotics sorting automation application that we delivered is that for Northern Herd. This was a unique application that involved  Diverseco enabling the organisation to automate their milk sampling and matching program.

As each cow in the herd enters the milking shed it is electronically detected and identified by means of an ear tag, and its presence is recorded. During the milking program a mid-stream sample of the milk is taken, labelled with a bar code and placed in a rack. There are two milking sessions each day and each sample from both milking sessions is placed randomly in a matrix.

The sorting robot then passes a laser scanning head over all the samples, remembering where each sample is. The program then matches the two samples taken from each cow, collects each pair and places them side-by-side on a conveyor. This is described in the video below that shows the scanning head (white cylinder) recording the samples and the second sequence shows the robot matching the samples and placing them side-by-side on the conveyor.

As you can imagine, integrating the entire process from when the cow enters the milking shed to sample testing is technically complex and demonstrates Diverseco’s ability to deliver solutions for any sorting application.