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Material Handling Automation

Integrated material handling automation solutions.

“They exceeded our expectations with the installation and commissioning of our Kawasaki palletising system and production line control/reporting system. From concept design through to commissioning, the team’s effectiveness and professionalism were of the highest standards.” Aussie Grower Fruits

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Order picking, pick and place, dispensing, packaging, and palletising. These are manual processes that, traditionally, involve ‘a lot of hands’ in what can often be hazardous materials handling processes within manufacturing and processing environments. And with many people comes high production costs, increased margin of error, increased work health and safety risks and continuous planning.

By utilising material handling automation, Diverseco enables its customers to reduce labour costs, increase throughput, process quality and increase safety.

Materials handling automation involves the use of automatically controlled multipurpose robots – which do not tire or become fatigued by repetitive and physically demanding tasks – to transport objects. By fitting the robot with an appropriate end of arm tool, such as a vacuum, claw or clamp gripper, the robot can efficiently and accurately move product from location to location.

Diverseco has extensive experience in the systems integration of robotics automation solutions for a wide range of material handling automation applications.
The Kawasaki materials handling robots that Diverseco supplies include 52 models with payload capacities that range from 2 kg to 1500 kg. These models include: collaborative robots (cobots) that can work with humans in perfect harmony; high-speed pick and place robots; sorting robots; and palletising robots that can move materials weighing up to 1.5 tonnes.

The Kawasaki robot controllers we employ offer many options to aid in materials handling automation applications, including visual sensor systems, conveyor tracking, collision detection, and servo controlled end-of-arm tooling.

As part of the systems integration process, the team at Diverseco will ensure that the robots are integrated with other equipment such as containers, conveyors, guided vehicles, automated storage/retrieval systems, and carousels.

If you are investigating ways to automate materials handling processes and would like professional advice on how robots can be integrated into your operations to benefit your business,  consult the robot material handling experts at Diverseco about your requirements.

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