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Smart, flexible, and safe – cobots are changing the face of manufacturing and production processes worldwide. Able to operate alongside humans without the need for safety guarding, cobots open vast new applications for robotic automation across all industries.

The Doosan A Series & M Series of cobots have been designed and engineered to meet the needs of virtually all manufacturing, handling, processing, inspection, and packaging collaborative applications.

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Doosan Robotics – Cobots

Doosan cobots are the safest in the industry. With the inherent torque sensing on each of the six joints, Doosan cobots represent oustanding collision detection compared to the electrical current based competition. 

Cobots are easily integrated into existing production environments, and the tasks they are suited for are wide-ranging. Diverseco is the Authorised System Integrator of Doosan cobots, manufacturer of the world’s most user-friendly, high-performance and functional collaborative robots (cobots). Doosan Robotics are winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for two consecutive years – in the ‘Interface & User Experience’ category in 2017 and in the ‘Product Design’ category in 2018. 

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Doosan Cobot Models


The Perfect Entry Level Cobot

The A-Series by Doosan Robotics is the perfect entry level cobot for those looking to begin their collaborative robotic automation journey. The A-Series are the ideal solution for organisations looking to step into automating some of their operations with both cost-effectiveness and simplicity in mind. The A-Series also boasts unrivaled speed and accuracy (due to the lower payload and reach), perfect for fast-paced collaborative environments.

Series Model Payload Reach Accuracy
A0509 5 kg 90 cm ± 0.03 mm
A0509s 5 kg 90 cm ± 0.03 mm
A0912 9 kg 120 cm ± 0.03 mm
A0912s 9 kg 120 cm ± 0.03 mm
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The All-Rounder

The M-Series by Doosan Robotics are the most well-rounded cobots available. These cobots were the first engineered by Doosan and have proven themselves as the industry standard for an almost endless amount of applications: if you have a vision, we, alongside Doosan, have a solution.

Series Model Payload Reach Accuracy
M0609 6 kg 90 cm ± 0.05 mm
M1509 15 kg 90 cm ± 0.05 mm
M1013 10 kg 130 cm ± 0.05 mm
M0617 6 kg 170 cm ± 0.1 mm
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High Power Collaboration

Doosan’s newest addition to their growing portfolio is the high power H-Series which is proudly the most powerful cobot in the market. The primary focus of the H-Series is palletizing, machine tending, and general heavy object handling owing to it’s significant payload capacity. Notable is the long reach of the H-Series, allowing it to both palletize and depalletize pallets and easily contort itself within strict environments with it’s 6-axis of movement (with torque sensors on each axis).

Series Model Payload Reach Accuracy
H2017 20 kg 170 cm ± 0.1 mm
H2515 25 kg 150 cm ± 0.1 mm
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Features and Benefits

Features of Doosan cobots include the ability to teach the robot the movements required on it by moving its arms without the need for expert programming. This is called direct teaching. Doosan’s cobots have a built-in precision torque sensor in each of six axes that enable the best soft direct teaching and collision sensitivity in the industry. This feature also enables the robot to perform sophisticated tasks that previously required the dexterity of human hands.

‘M’ is the leading model name of Doosan’s collaborative robot lineup and represents the modular design. Doosan has introduced an unprecedented four models of the M series. The two-digit number following M represents the payload, and 10 means that it can hold up to 10 kg of which Doosan’s cobots can hold up to 15 kg with the M1509. The next two-digit number represents the operating radius, and 13 means 1,300 mm. Doosan’s cobots can have an operating radius from 900 mm to 1,700 mm.

Robot Controllers, Teach Pendant & End Effectors

  • Doosan Cobot Controller
  • Doosan Robotics Cobot Mobile Base

State of the Art Controller

Doosan Teach Pendant

Human-Centered Teach Pendant

OnRobot End Effectors

Diverseco is Authorised Systems integrator for OnRobot, which delivers a full line of plug-and-produce end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) for collaborative applications. OnRobot innovative range of grippers, sensors, and tool changers enable manufacturers to attain the full advantages of collaborative and lightweight industrial robots, including ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and safety alongside human workers.

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Value-Adding Enhancers

Cobot on Mobile Station

Mobile Base

Cobot direct control

Direct Control Unit

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