Together, BOC and Diverseco have developed a professional integration partnership that ensures the best welding package is selected for your installation.


With decades of combined experience and expertise in our respective Industries, BOC and Diverseco can ensure the best welding fit for your automation system.


For more information on BOC and robotic automation, please contact Diverseco by telephone +61 3 9330 3511 or at
To complement BOC’s range of Smootharc Elite machines, BOC has a range of digital welding machines from EWM that offer solutions for both simple and highly complex robotic automation applications.

The range includes the following:

  • EWM Phoenix 331 Progress Pulse forceArc.
  • EWM 330 Progress Pulse coldArc.
  • Tetrix 351 AC/DC Smart machine.

BOC is proud to be the exclusive distributor for EWM high-end welding machines in the South Pacific.