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Vision Systems

Delivering precise, multi-dimensional feedback on a target part, vision systems direct the robot’s interactions with that object.

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Servo-robot vision system

Dynamic process control technologies, which include sophisticated sensor systems, such as laser vision, have wholly transformed the ways in which robotics can be integrated into operations.

Dynamic process control allows for robotics automation systems to be employed in a great number applications due to the fact that it enables parameter adjustments to be made on the go.

Machine vision systems are used to perform complex visual inspections for robotic applications. They help deliver precise, multi-dimensional feedback on a target part in the language robotics can recognise and use. Vision systems also provide information on what action robotic components should take to interact with the target object.

Vision sensors produce a way for machines to ‘see.’ Whereas most traditional sensors analyse and interpret data from a single point;  vision sensors that input an entire image. These sensors consist of a camera that snaps a picture of the part. The image is then transferred to memory, processed, analysed and compared against predetermined parameters.

When the vision sensor evaluates the features of the part as compared to user-defined tolerances for each parameter, it determines whether the part passes or fails the inspection and outputs the results for the function of robot control.

The controller and camera constitute the hardware elements of a vision system. The software elements include the control system, graphical user interface and image algorithms.

A vision system’s set of features includes its vision tools and method of communicating data. Robot applications that can benefit from a machine vision system are arranged into several classes.

Used in a variety of applications, vision-guided or vision-assisted robotics can further enhance the flexibility and capability of any given process.

Our team are adept at including the use of vision-guided or vision-assisted in robotics systems. Working with leading sensor systems developers SERVO-ROBOT and Sick, we have achieved some great results in the implementation of robotic vision systems, using real-time online tracking and scanning to solve customer production issues.

SERVO-ROBOT manufactures laser vision systems for seam tracking, seam finding, weld inspection as well as material handling processes.

Automation of joining processes, such as laser welding and arc welding, glueing, sealing, measurement etc., benefit from SERVO-ROBOT products. Process tools that provide real-time joint tracking, adaptive control and visual inspection system are integrated with SERVO-ROBOT advanced 3-D laser vision techniques and advanced sensing devices.

Likewise, material handling and pick-and-place applications benefit from the unique hybrid sensor technology that can dramatically speed up and simplify applications traditionally done with 2-D sensors. SERVO-ROBOT products are applied in various industrial sectors to ensure process quality and efficiency.

If you want to explore the world of possibilities that vision-guided robots create, talk with our team of robotics automation experts at Diverseco.