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Robot Controllers

Diverseco supplies the technologically advanced range of robot controllers available.

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Diverseco supplies the most technologically advanced range of robot controllers available. Kawasaki Robotic’s controllers’ process inputs and adjusts its outputs to ensure the Kawasaki robot functions in a precisely controlled manner.

Each controller’s advanced microcontrollers can be tasked with multiple control outputs and perform closed-loop control. They combine high performance, unprecedented reliability, a host of integrated features and simple operation, all in a compact design.

The robot controller’s high-performance CPU provides extremely accurate trajectory control, high-speed program execution as well as extremely fast loading and saving of files.

The easy to use teach pendant now incorporates motor power and cycle start at your fingertips. Multiple information screens can be displayed simultaneously. The intuitive teaching interface is simple to use.

A large variety of unique features support a wide range of applications and industrial automation. The extremely powerful Kawasaki AS Programming Language allows for sophisticated motion and sequence control.

As many as 10 external axes can be added for a total of 16 axis control. Numerous communication field buses are available for controlling peripheral devices. The Kawasaki K-Logic sequencer software can be combined with user-customized interface panels on the teach pendant.

Modular components with limited cables allow for easy diagnostics and maintenance. Onboard self-diagnostics minimizes troubleshooting and reduces MTTR. Remote Diagnostics via the web server enables service support from anywhere in the world.

Kawasaki Robot Controller