>>>Wiki-Scan Handheld Welding Quality Inspection

Wiki-Scan Handheld Welding Quality Inspection

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Inspect Welding Quality with the Handheld Wiki-Scan

A revolution in weld quality management, the Wiki-Scan is designed for pre and post-weld inspection and management. Prior to a weld, the Wiki-Scan measures joint preparation and fit-up, providing information before welding occurs. Why start welding if the joint is not within tolerance? After a weld, the Wiki-Scan can measure the weld bead and compares to set tolerance limits. For post-weld records, the Wiki-Scan will provide you an electronic record of all results (images, comments, measurement data, and 3D scans) to enhance transparency and reportability.

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SERVO-ROBOT – Smart Laser Vision for Smart Robots

SERVO-ROBOT is the leading manufacturer of 3D Robot-Vision systems and software dedicated to real-time intelligent control and monitoring of industrial robots. Its vision and sensing systems allow for the transfer of multi-dimensional feedback on targets. This input is provided in a language that is instantly recognisable by the robotics system. This is essential in allowing for the intricate visual inspections that are key in increasing the scope of robotic applications, enabling robots to take complex actions based on visual interaction with the target piece.

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Features and Benefits

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The Wiki-Scan eliminates the time-consuming and repetitive task of manually measuring welds and joint preparations in the field with conventional mechanical gauges. Thanks to SERVO-ROBOT’s “point-and-shoot” technology, Wiki-Scan is easy to use and provides repeatable and accurate results.

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